The Lalo Aira Secondary School (LASS) started in 1952 by the German Hermannsburg Mission who came to Aira to evangelize and provide various socioeconomic services. The German Mission has been providing all the necessary supports and running costs to the school so that all students would learn at highly subsidized school fee. This has helped thousands of poor students to learn either at free cost or extremely lower cost that would have not been otherwise if the school was located in other big towns.

To this very day the eyes of thousands of people of Wollega and other places were opened and illiteracy has been broken. There are thousands of individuals who have joined higher education from this school and leading their own businesses, employed in NGOs, and Government organizations. Quite a few have even distinguished themselves to be among the leaders of the country.

There are other tremendous jobs that LASS has done in terms of educating the citizens. Even though the school is at the reach of that rural community, still currently many academically capable students look for support to pursue their education. In the process of addressing such problems quite a few interested individuals came together and generated resources to keep a few of such academically outstanding students in the school.

It was at this time that interested individuals envisioned of establishing Aira Secondary School Alumni Association (ASSAA) in October 2000.


The vision of ASSAA is to educate and empower qualified students to become tomorrow’s leader.

  • To assist the school with basic required facilities and materials,
  • To support needy but capable students with their educational requirements.
  • To contribute to narrowing the resource gap at the school through income generation schemes.
  • To contribute toward the basic socio-economic development of the surrounding area.


  • To coordinate efforts to raise fund both from local and external sources for the fulfillment of the mission.  
  • Facilitate support of the needy but capable students with basic required materials and financial resources.
  •  Make all efforts to contribute to envisage development programs in the surrounding areas.
  • Initiate different income generation projects in and around the school to generate resource to support the school recurrent expenses.
  • Coordinate and provide consultancy support for the school and the surrounding area development programs as required

Values and Guiding Principles
  • Commitment and dedications
  • Teamwork and Community participation
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Good leadership
  • Resources mobilization

Student Support

Since its inception ASSAA has awarded 669 scholarships to academically capable but poor students and majority of which have completed high school and joined national universities. From 2001 to 2009, the total of $25,000 USD has been mobilized and expensed for the scholarship support.

Other School Support

As part of its program, the Alumni has an agenda of supporting LASS and mobilized funds from its members and sent thousands of books in coordination with Books for Africa. Apart from that various material l supports including computers estimated to be around $21,750 USD have been obtained through the facilitation of the Alumni.

Other Development Activities

Member and leaders of the Aira Alumni Association have been initiated or facilitated various development projects such as fattening oxen, Tea/Coffee shop, honey bee production, coffee plantation, beauty salon as income generating scheme for LASS.

Resource Mobilization

For the various development activities of the Alumni Association, so far the Alumni has raised nearly $64,000.00 from members and other donors (including the scholarship fund mentioned above).. This money has been responsibly managed and invested on the students, school and development programs (Scholarship support 25k, computers 22k, books 2K, income generation schemes 17k)

Aira Secondary School Alumni Association (ASSAA)